"His analysis identified questions and trends we did not notice. His insight allowed us to decide our next steps and efficiently design experiments."

Catherine Pujol-Baxley, VP Research, KnipBio

Machine learning


Translate your sensor data into meaningful medical insights

We have successfully engineered features and machine learning models from device and sensor data that predict ground truth data with high accuracy and precision, enabling diagnostic and decision support.

Statistical modeling & Analytics



You have experimental or observational data, and you want to know what's significant, what's important, and what you can conclude. 

  • Exploratory analyses
  • High-throughput screening

Experimental design

You have an idea, and you want to design an experiment to effectively and efficiently test your idea. We help with:

  • Design-of-experiment analysis (DOE) to determine what experimental factors matter most.
  • Power Analysis to determine number of replicates.

Statistical modeling

You want to best leverage your multivariate data. We offer

  • Advanced statistics, from regression to Bayesian Inference
  • Unsupervised learning to uncover patterns in your data

Historical data mining & Integration

You have old data and are curious about patterns, trends, and relationships. We delve into the data to provide guidance on future research.



NGS data pipelines and analytics

 You have omics data. (Lots of omics data!) We help you to gain insight into your systems and can analyze:

  • CRISPR data
  • SNP/variant calls
  • RNAseq transcriptomics
  • Metabolomics

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